Renee Zellweger Quot Nose Freeze

Stops just before realize you need a KleenexBoy, I tell you, that funny. The 39-year-old actress was so cold during filming in New City in Winnipeg, Canada, has often didn t realize when the nose is running, which means that the liquid will freeze. He said: My worst moment, making the film was nostricles, which are not sexy. Not so that his nose is running, because you can t feel it. Renee added the weather conditions were so bad when he was making the movie - in which she stars as a hard-nose executive, who is called to a small community to help the local factory again become profitable, or close down - it was almost dangerous. Renee Zellweger suffered from nostricles on the set of her new film.

26.1.09 10:21

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