Quot Burn Notice Quot To Resume Shooting In Coconut Grove Convention Center

As Burn Notice second season resumes Thursday night, Miami officials are preparing for the show to return to film its third season. The popular USA Network show has its principal closed Coconut Grove Convention Center, which was scheduled for demolition this year to make way for park A Waterfront. In return, Burn Notice rent increase from $ 6. 000 to $ 20. It sa good deal for everyone involved, said Parente. 000 a month, and City Manager Pete Hernandez may grant an extension of the exhibition, in case one of the Hollywood writers strike delayed production, said Parente. Burn Notice threatened to film his third season elsewhere if I could t stay in the exhibition through the summer, and City Hall has decided to lease a long time, Miami film coordinator said Robert Parente.

26.1.09 10:21

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